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About WAPA

Members of Women Antitrust Plaintiffs’ Attorneys are women who specialize and focus their legal practice on representing those businesses who have been injured by cartels or other anticompetitive activities. A cartel is an association of two or more legally independent businesses that agree to coordinate their prices of goods for the purpose of increasing their collective profits. Cartels eliminate competition, and put goods on the market at an agreed upon price level. Cartels can affect almost any aspect of a business, from the building blocks of many products (e.g., chemicals, nonmetallic minerals, paper and electronic inputs) to the transportation used to ship products around the world (e.g., surcharges on cargo shipping). The impact of a cartel on a corporation’s bottom line can be dramatic. Cumulatively, a cartel can cause hundreds of millions of dollars of injury to all of the businesses in the affected industry. Members of Women Antitrust Plaintiffs’ Attorneys work to recover those monies through litigation and/or settlement on behalf of their clients. They are counsel in federal cases, are appointed co-lead counsel in large multi-district litigation, and litigate nationwide.

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